3 Technology Limits For Kids

While technology has caused the lives of families smoother and easier, it has some obvious disadvantages. As the age group of children enthralled by technology gets younger by day, parents should keep an observant eye to their kids when dealing with gadgets and other products of technology. American parents must know when to restrict their kids from utilizing technology. If any of these 3 unhealthy instances occur, the green light must turn red.

When Technology Interferes with Productivity

Too much time bonding with technology will eventually interfere with your children’s sleeping pattern, and soon enough, their performance in school will be affected, too. Kids sleeping in class or complaining from lack of sleep is your signal to limit your children’s exposure to watching television and playing computer games. Parents should be firm that schoolwork must be done first before any gadget or appliance is turned on. This trains your kids to prioritize school first. Also, they should not miss any healthy snooze time just because they’re trying to fight off some monster boss or they’re lurking around a social network.

Digital Native Parenting

Digital Native Parenting

When Technology Dilutes Family Times

Family quality time means a family doing an activity together, and not as separate individuals. Mother and father solving a crossword puzzle together kids playing Kinect is not a family bonding. Firmly limit your children’s interaction with technology during family days, and make them appreciate and enjoy quality time with family. Telling your kid to leave his or her tablet in the room during meals is a good start. Same rule goes for family gatherings. Train your kids to be more sociable whenever your relatives come around; and not just bury his nose in an electronic device.

When Technology Introduced Inappropriate Content

These days, kids as young as eight already have their own social media accounts. Watch out for this hype as your children may get exposed to websites that are too sexual and violent for their young age. Monitor your children’s computers and openly discuss with them their option of surfing age-appropriate sites only. Screen the movies and websites they have been visiting, and if possible block or delete the ones unsuitable to their age. Changes in their language and/or behaviors, i.e. foul words or unnecessary violence with other children, reveal a probability that they might have seeing or hearing inappropriate content. Talk to your children and tell them their doings are not acceptable at all.

Bridging the digital-divide, empowering rural kids through information technology

Bridging the digital-divide, empowering rural kids through information technology

Let your kids get a healthy dose of interaction with technology. As parents, it is your responsibility to screen this interaction and put a limit when needed to. Children, like adults, enjoy technology because of all the fun and entertaining perks it has to offer. However, like everything, there has to be a cut-off in kids from using technology.


5 Ways To Know You Are Still Not Over Your Ex

After breaking up with someone you tend to spoil yourself with the things you love the most. You pamper yourself to a good salon, you get a massage, you get a haircut, and you want to look fresh and young. After doing these things, you’re telling yourself that you want to see your ex for him to realize what he took for granted and you are so much better than the last time he saw you. You want him to regret that he left you and you are better off without him. That’s a sign that you are still not over him. Here other red lights that tell you are still not over your ex:

Social Networking Stalking

You investigate his tagged pictures, the events he went to, the statuses posted on his wall (if it’s pertaining to you), you are checking if someone posted on his wall and you start to stalk that person. Eventually, you start to compare yourself physically (like you have nicer hair, skinnier, fairer skin) and you start to stalk that person every day.

Signs You're Not Over Your Ex

Signs You’re Not Over Your Ex

You Still Cry

When you remember those times when you were together in your favourite restaurant, watching your favourite movie, hearing your theme song, remembering his surprises for you and you are still crying reminiscing the past, then it is clear that you are still not over him.

He’s Still Your Kryptonite

It still affects you when someone mentioned his name (even sounds that are alike). You are telling yourself that he’s a jerk, he fooled you and he made you cry but at the end of these dilemmas, you end up telling yourself that he made you feel special and he loved you throughout your relationship. You sigh and try to get through the day with that thought.

How Do I Finally Let Go Of My Ex For Good?

How Do I Finally Let Go Of My Ex For Good?

You Cannot Throw Mementos Away

All the gifts he gave to you, the t-shirt who smelled just like him, the teddy bear that you want him to buy for you, the flowers he gave during Valentine’s day (even those dead petals), you just can’t throw them away because those things are precious and for you, they represents your love for each other.

Not-so-Convincing “I am Over Him”

You keep telling yourself that you are over him, that you have already moved on and you are dating someone else better than him. However, the fact that you are still insisting that you are over him means that he still crosses your mind and you never really moved on.

Moving on is only a matter of time. Yes, at first it is really hard and you have to cry yourself to sleep but that’s okay, you just have to feel the pain until it hurts no more. You will go through stages of denial until you reach the level of acceptance and that’s the time that you can finally say, you’re over him.


Crossfit Workout! – What’s In And What’s Out!

CrossFit is a conditioning program that is being used by Professionals, such as police academies, military, tactical operations teams and other professional athletes. It was been designed for stability for a dedicated individual that comes from different kinds of professional field.

This was been described as effective, fast, and fun. Because of the high intensity strength and a workout that would condition your body. This can be done by every individual that can survive this kind of extreme workout.

The Roadmap to Becoming a CrossFitter

The Roadmap to Becoming a CrossFitter

There a lot of benefits when it comes to doing this workout. It is high-intensity, power- based exercise that is effective for burning a high number of calories in a short period of time. With the program that it has, this would be an excellent experience for the exercise enthusiast to add much intensity and diversity. And recommended to have a personal trainer to help develop mobility.

Doing CrossFit training always focuses on

  • Accuracy

  • Stamina

  • Strength

  • Power

  • Speed

  • Agility

  • Balance

  • Cardiovascular endurance

It consist of functional and multi-joint movements such as pulling, pushing, squatting, throwing, lifting and jumping, which are performed with a high intensity workout. Since it is high in intensity and it involves muscle action, there will be risk of injuries as well.

CrossFit Workout

CrossFit Workout

There are things that needed to be developed such as

  • Joint mobility (specifically shoulders, ankles, and hips)

  • Joint stability (on core region)

  • Effective Performance ( hip hinge – pushing, pulling, rotating movements, and squat)

Here are 3 best exercises to prepare your body before doing the Crossfit workout

  1. Running Treadmill – 1 mile

  2. Pull-ups – 200 reps

  3. Bodyweight Squat – 300 reps

  4. Pushups – 100 reps

Some of the CrossFit workouts

  1. Hang power clean – this can be done on 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 reps

  2. Gallant – Run 1 mile with 20 pound medicine ball, then 60 Burpee pull-ups.

  3. Pull ups – Left-arm Kettlebell snatch (1.5 pood) 9 rep rounds.

Right-arm Kettlebell snatch (1.5 pood) 9 rep rounds.

  1. Weightlifting – 100 Double-unders

50 Handstand push-ups

40 Toes-to-bar

160 pound Shoulder to overhead – 30 reps

90 foot Walking lunge with 160 pound barbell

Wondering how good CrossFit workout is? The study shows that you work out for 10 pushups, 15 air squats, and 5 pull-ups, can burn and average of 260 calories in 20 mins. This is equal to running for 2.5 miles in 20 minutes.

By now you had an idea on how CrossFit works; it is up to you if you will be in or out. These are becoming popular nowadays, and it is advisable to make a research before doing it. There are equipment that needed to be used and can be expensive, just make sure you will be comfortable and will fit before doing it.

Reduce Your Energy Bills With These 5 Ways

Bills can give you a bad headache especially when they’re way over your budget or when you’re facing a financial dilemma. There are bills that come each month and one is your energy bill. Without energy, you won’t be able to live comfortably. Appliances need energy for them to function. For some, saving energy is very hard to do. If you have the same concern, then it’s time you stick to these 5 ways.

  1. Unplug devices when not in use

Most people are guilty of leaving their devices unplugged even when not in use. Standby mode won’t help reduce your energy costs. In fact, plugged devices still use energy. So don’t be too lazy to unplug devices you’re not using. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to pull it out the socket, so make it a habit to do so for all your devices.

5 Ways to Reduce your Spanish Electricity Bill

5 Ways to Reduce your Spanish Electricity Bill

  1. Get rid of incandescent bulbs! Go CFL!

Look around your home and get rid of incandescent bulbs. Everyone’s using CFLs or compact fluorescent light. It’s high time you make the switch. You’ll have the same amount of light, yet you don’t use too much energy. Moreover, CFLs last longer than incandescent bulbs.

  1. Stay away from your dryer

Yes, it may be take lesser time to dry dishes and clothes using a dryer, but this will also increase your bill. Drying clothes and dishes is easy. You don’t have to rely on your dryer all the time. Air dry dishes and clothes and you’ll definitely save a lot of energy.

Go Green: 5 Ways To Cut Your Energy Costs

Go Green: 5 Ways To Cut Your Energy Costs

  1. Look for the Energy Star logo when buying new appliances

Appliances that have this logo are guaranteed to be energy-efficient. You can easily reduce your energy costs when your home is filled with these appliances. You don’t have to change everything though. You can do it gradually. Buy a new device when the need arises. When you do, always look for the logo first.

  1. Invest in a thermostat that has a timer

Heating units are very important during the cold season. Then again, they use a lot of energy and can balloon your energy bill in no time. What you need is a thermostat that has a timer so that your heating device will turn off when no one is around. It can be programmed depending on your specific needs.

If you want your energy costs to go down, you should make a move as soon as possible. You’ll be happy to see the amount you can save when you make use of lesser energy. Conserving energy isn’t just good for your pocket. More importantly, it’s good for the environment. These 5 ways are easy to follow. You just have to take the first step and everything else should follow.

5 Steps To Be Self-Employed As A Consultant

The idea of being your own boss has been around for awhile and it is picking up speed as people realize the benefits of being self-employed. One of the top reasons for shifting is the need to be boxed in a schedule that they wanted sometimes to break. While being self-employed makes you decide on the time, it can turn up to be more time consuming especially if your client base is growing continuously. The benefit of a growing business, though, is a fattening wallet, unlike being employed, the wallet that fattens is not your own, so you decided you wanted to be a consultant so you can manage your own time and fatten your own wallet.

Decide on what niche you are knowledgeable and experienced

Identify what your strengths are, knowledge and experience wise. You cannot consult someone on something you know nothing about and are not experienced about. Some may get away with it but not for long because their weaknesses will be found out sooner or later which will cast a bad reputation. So stick to what you know and what you are experienced doing.

business plan concept

business plan concept

Get proper certifications and licenses if required

While some consultancies do not need certifications or licenses like gardeners, many do like accountants and lawyers. As much as possible, though, you have some accomplishments that will make you an authority on what you do, like well-known people you have served. If you can get recommendation from them, the better.

Study, Decide on, research, and target your target market

Hitting the wrong target will only spend so much time without good result. Study which target market is feasibly fruitful, decide on it and do a lot of research about those people. Know about their strengths and weaknesses so you know how to cut in.

Hierarchy of the Successful Independent Software Developer

Hierarchy of the Successful Independent Software Developer

Start networking and build on it

Networking is one of the best ways to let yourself be known to as many people as possible. Be friendly, be helpful, and let your consultancy business be known. One day they will need you or someone they know will.

Decide on your fees and ways to bill your clients

Decide whether you are going to bill your clients by the hour, day, week, month, or by the service rendered. Be prepared to let them know how you accept payments. Prepare several schemes to fit your client needs.


Getting yourself out of the usual employment with strict working hours can be very inviting as you see the benefits of being self-employed. It may not be a bed of roses at the start but if you get the hang of it, it can be really productive. At least you manage your own time and you grow your own wallet.