What You’re Doing That’s Turning Her Off

“Baby, what did I do?”

We aren’t all blessed with the knowledge of what women want to hear. Most of us guys have to navigate through our lives working on a trial by fire dating approach. Sometimes something works and then when you try it the next time it totally backfires. Not all women are the same, but there are a few things that will turn every woman off no matter what. You might not know what they are and commit them without even realizing it. It’s time to wise up and learn what you’re doing that’s turning her off.

You’re Talking Down to Her

Again, you probably aren’t even realizing that you’re doing it, but be careful not to talk down to her. Our generation has a whole slew of terrible jokes about women. They range anywhere from a woman’s place being in the kitchen to dumb blond jokes. But the woman that you’re going to go out with is probably smarter than the dumb bimbos you’re likely to find on BeNaughty.com. Treat her like a person and she’s not going to think twice about going out with you. Every guy wants a hot woman by his side and the best way to find one is to go online on a good website. Click here to read the full BeNaughty review and know if this site is a scam or not?

You’re Talking Too Much

“Can you please stop so that I may say something?”

When you end up talking too much it’s going to turn her off immediately. She might not be able to get a word in with all the chatter you’re throwing out there. When we asked women on the top sites to get laid talking too much ranked as one of the lowest qualities that they wanted their guy to have. Going out on the date is sort of like a job interview. At any interview you’re going to want to impress your prospective boss, right? They ask the questions, you answer them, and then ask just a few of your own. That’s the way it should be if you want to keep her interest level raised. If you’re really not sure if your fantasy football league should have anything to do with your conversation then ask yourself, “How will this benefit me?” Does she like sports? Has she herself participated in some sort of football related event before? If the answers are no then shut your damned mouth because she doesn’t care.

You’re Pulling a Load of Crap

It’s natural to want to impress your date. You might embellish the truth here and there to make yourself seem awesome in comparison to all of the other lame guys that she’s seen before. Or you might go all out and sing your praises clear and high. The thing is that she’s got a built-in detector for bull crap. As soon as you start telling her something about yourself that’s even a little bit farfetched she’s going to see through it. There’s no way you were studying for a doctorate in medicine and then dropped out to be in a band. The moment that she realizes you’re capable of lying is when she’s already decided that you’re not worth it. Women hate being lied to more than almost anything else, so steer clear.

Your Grooming Habits Suck

Men and women have hugely different ideas on what good personal grooming is. Guys think that if their shirt hasn’t been worn more than twice then they’re totally good to wear it again. Women rarely wear an outfit more than once before meticulously washing it. Women aren’t all going to be the cleanest creatures out there, but they’re light-years ahead of the average guy. They have a product called “dry shampoo”. It’s so they can spray it in their hair in case it looks oily. It looks like baby powder and comes in a ton of different formulas. Would you ever see a guy have a product like this? No. That’s because we’re simple. But the truth is if you want to get a woman to like you you’re going to have to have good hygiene. It’s as simple as bathing often, keeping your clothes clean, and wearing deodorant.

You Don’t Look Confident

When you walk into the room you should be standing with your shoulders and head held high. It might sound stupid to you but she notices this sort of stuff. Having confidence is one of the leading factors to getting laid. You could have no job, live at your parent’s place, and land last in ranking on those sites that get you laid but if you pull it all off confidently then she’s far more likely to keep you around.

You’re Talking About Sex

“I can’t believe that she banned me”

It’s ridiculous that some guys even think that it’s okay to talk about sex when you’re first starting to go out with a woman. Unless she’s an escort or a hooker, sex is off of the menu, period. Even if you think that she’s comfortable with the subject, you should still avoid it. There’s not really a solid reason for this, just that you don’t know her. Would you mention penetration to the bus driver?

You’re Being Cheap

Being cheap is one of the biggest red flags that you can send out to a woman. If you’re trying to impress her by showing her how frugal you are, now is not the time. Spend a little bit of extra cash and tip well. She’ll see it even if you try to hide it. If you’re treating those who serve you dinner well she’ll know that you’ll do well by her.

You’re Not Putting in the Effort

This is especially true for online dating. If you’re just talking to her and not actually taking the next step in actually going out with her then you can’t get anywhere. She will eventually get tired of all of the back and forth flirting. Unfortunately sites like BeNaughty.com have a horrible searching system so even if you do find a woman who you’d like to get to know, you’re going to have to actually try and go see her. It’s not your fault that sites like these rank poorly among sites that will get you laid, but it is your fault if you don’t go out there and try to actually see her.

You’re Being Needy

“She’ll leave you if you don’t change yourself”

The total opposite of not putting in effort is being needy. It doesn’t matter if you’ve known her forever or you’re on your third date, no woman will like a needy man. The most common way that guys do this is by trying to contact her too much. Texting her or messaging her on your date site over and over again doesn’t give her any room to breathe. Think about it this way: there’s a woman that you’ve been talking to but every time you turn around to do something else she starts poking you on the shoulder. Turn back and she just says, “Hi.” You respond and turn away again, but not more than a few minutes later there’s that poking again. It’s annoying and unimportant. When you are messaging a lady give her at least 24 hours to respond. If that time still goes by you can always message her and say “Hey just wondering how you’re doing. Message me if you want to do something sometime.” This is unobtrusive and just gives a little reminder that you’re still there.

When It Seems like She’s out of Your League

“She thinks differently”

It can be intimidating to hit the hookup and casual dating scene if you’re new to the idea of talking to complete strangers and trying to hook up with them. It can be enough to throw you completely off your game, and even reading endless reviews of the top casual sex and dating sites can’t really prepare you for what it’s really like. You might still be under the impression that there are some women that are just out of your league and impossible for you to hook up with. While it’s true that some women can be extremely intimidating for their level of attractiveness, the idea of a league that you might not belong to is just something that’s meant to deter you from hooking up with the women you want. It’s not exactly high school anymore, so you need to get over the idea of certain women being too good for you. It is time that you let go of your pre-conceived notions on ‘out of league’ women and get laid. Find online sex here. Choose from the top British dating sites and take a swing at those out of league women.

Here is one of reasons why you might not have been having success with women who seem out of your league and this is your confidence. Knowing all about why you can and should try to hook up with women that you would usually think are out of your league will help you start hooking up with your perfect woman. It may not be easy at first, but once you get used to it you will have much better success with all women, not just women who are more attractive than your usual type.

Why You Need to Adjust Your Expectations

“Think like the way she’s thinking”

The whole idea of a girl being out of your league is what’s going to give you the most trouble. While this mentality might have some application in younger crowds, once you hit the adult dating and hookup scene it really doesn’t apply very much. Women are not going to care about whether or not you’re as attractive as she is, and the concept of a league becomes more or less null. Chances are that if you are worrying about whether or not you’re in her league, you are thinking far too much about the entire thing.

First of all, using a poor quality site like xDating.com means that the concept of a league doesn’t really apply anymore. You should try to use better quality sites, but even then the idea of a league isn’t something that really applies to online dating. It also doesn’t apply to a more mature crowd, so if you’re been going after college girls and the like it may be time to start going out with women of your own age. Secondly, the concept of a league is usually all in your own head. You need to stop overthinking things and just relax when you hit the dating and hookup scene. It’s not worth getting yourself worked up over.

Developing the Right Mentality to Have

“Is she the right woman for me?”

Now that you understand that the concept of leagues isn’t helpful, it’s important to try and fight your former mentality so that you don’t psyche yourself out about every little thing. Reading reviews of sex dating sites until your eyes bleed is not going to help you find the right woman, and psyching yourself out over whether or not she’s in your league will not help you either. Worrying endlessly about whether or not a woman is going to be too good for you is only going to make your attempts at hooking up more difficult than they need to be. However, it’s not always easy to realize that you’re worrying about whether or not she’s too good for you. You might even be doing it subconsciously.

It’s important to develop the mentality that there is really no woman that’s too good for you, if you know how to carry yourself properly. Stop worrying about whether or not a woman is too hot for you to have a chance with, since it will only hurt your options and make it harder for you to find a woman to hook up with.

Approaching Women You Think You Have No Chance With

“Don’t afraid, approach her confidently”

Now that you have adjusted your expectations and changed your mentality about the whole thing, you will probably want to start approaching women you normally thought you would never have a chance with. It’s probably best to try doing this on a high quality dating site or in person – stay away from poor quality sites like xDating.com at all costs. Once you’ve decided where to look and you know which woman you want to approach, it’s time to actually go ahead and do it. While you might be particularly intimidated if she’s much hotter than the women you are used to approaching, it’s important that you don’t let yourself get too nervous or scared.

Approach her like you would approach any other woman. Confidence is key, so make sure that you are comfortable with yourself. Don’t make it too obvious that you think she’s more attractive than you should be able to hook up with, because this will just make her think that you’re too nervous to talk to her. Make sure to treat her just like you would treat any other girl you wanted to hook up with. It’s important not to treat her differently, because she will likely notice this quickly. Just be calm and cool and you should be absolutely fine, believe it or not. It will all work out with enough practice and you might be surprised at how many women you can score.

How to Score That One Night Stand

Once you have the confidence to approach women you previously thought to be out of your league, it’s important to know how to take that to the next level and be able to score a one night stand with her. Reading all the reviews of dating sites when you want to have sex will not help you when it comes to actually talking to her. While it may seem impossible to actually hook up with a woman that’s more attractive than the women you’re used to, it really isn’t. You just have to have the confidence to pull it off. Of course, you should put enough effort into your appearance so that she has something to look forward to, so don’t think that you can get away with slacking on your looks. Take the time and effort to look good before you decide to try and hook up with any woman at all, much less one that you think would have normally been out of your league.

Make sure to act like you think you are completely on the same level as her. Special treatment is just going to make her suspicious and she’s not going to want to hook up with you. You want to ooze charm and charisma, since this is the best way to get her to want to hook up with you. Don’t let anybody tell you that she is too good for you or that you’re not good enough for her. Just be your usual charming self and make sure she knows that you will treat her right. It might seem obvious or too easy, but this is usually really all you need in order to make a good impression.

Surprise and Consent Play

“Ask for her consent first”

Consent play is often a very big part of bondage culture, and most bondage dating sites will take the time to make a bondage guide in order to help you through the basics of consent play itself. If you are looking for some interesting bondage tips, visit tiemeupnow.com, where the top sites are compared against each other. These sites focuses on bondage and consent play. That being said, there are certain aspects of consent play that many couples forget to discuss, or simply gloss over when they are eager to get started. One of those things has to do with the aspect of surprise that exists when you’re involved in consent play, and overlooking this can make for a very uncomfortable situation for both you and your partner. Surprise is such a large part of consent play that it’s actually shocking that so many people overlook it, so keep that in mind when the two of you are making your plans.

What Is Surprise Within Consent Play?

“Playing a kidnapping scene can work”

The element of surprise is a great part of many consent play fantasies. These aspects include the act of being kidnapped by your partner, or otherwise being snuck up on within your home. Many bondage guides will take the time to go into these sorts of things, but others will simply gloss over them as simply another part of the kink itself. Unfortunately, this can make for a difficult situation. Maybe your partner actually is into the surprise elements of consent play, but you aren’t aware of it. That can make their experience with you in general lackluster, and it can make them less likely to come back and enjoy your company in the bedroom again in the future.

More importantly, if you are into the surprise elements of consent play, but your partner hasn’t discussed that sort of thing with you before, you might end up scaring them badly and immediately triggering them to use their safe word. You should never simply sneak up on your partner and attempt to initiate consent play, unless this is a scenario that the two of you have negotiated in prior conversations. If you do this without their prior agreement, you are severely damaging the relationship of trust that is extremely necessary and usually a vital point in most bondage guides. Trust is your biggest asset when it comes to bondage and the consent play that is involved with it, so never surprise your partner with a scenario that they simply aren’t comfortable with at all.

The Kinds of Surprises within Consent Play

“Being held captive against her wishes can be enticing to her”

There are many different scenarios that we can suggest you and your partner consider discussing. One of them is very common, and that’s the surprise kidnapping prior to a bondage situation. Many women enjoy the fantasy of being kidnapped and held against their will by a man, and this is a fantasy that the two of you can act out together once you have discussed your boundaries fully. In many situations, it might come off as so realistic that you worry those who surround you, and that’s why you need to be able to plan the actual kidnapping correctly and make sure that no one is going to call the police on you or your partner. Good locations for this include rather deserted road sides where you have agreed to meet, as there will not be anyone around to be concerned about the fully consensual plan the two of you are acting out. If you decide to go full out in your kidnapping scenario, you need to plan out places to leave her car, and also, have a location to go to after the kidnapping itself in order to play out her fantasy of being held captive and in bondage. If you can pull this off, many bondage guides would applaud you for your creativity, that’s for sure.

Another common surprise scenario that you might be asked to act out in consent play is the home invasion scenario. In this scenario, your partner might want to act out her fantasy of someone invading her home and holding her in bondage. This kind of consent play is usually a bit easier to finagle than the kidnapping scenario, since it will be you breaking into her home and coming up behind her to hold her down by force. What she wants out of this scenario from here on is up to her, but many women find it alluring to turn this kind of fantasy into a rape fantasy, and that is why it is extremely important for the two of you to discuss these kinds of fantasies beforehand. You need to both take the time to customize them as she sees fit, and also, iron out any specifics that she definitely doesn’t want to have happen in the duration of her planned scenes.

The Importance of Safe Words in Surprise Consent Play

“It will tell you when to stop”

If you have done any bondage before, then you and your partner are probably very aware of safe words. Even if you aren’t, now is the time to come up with one, because consent play is incredibly unsafe without the use of a safe word. A safe word is a word that your partner can use if she feels as though you are crossing into territory that she doesn’t feel comfortable with. In consent play, the words “stop” and “no” are thrown around quite often, and mean the exact opposite. Remember, it is part of her fantasy to be forced to do things that she doesn’t want to do, and that’s why she will need a safe word if she really does want you to stop.

Every single bondage site on the internet will be insisting that a safe word is paramount, and we can only agree with them. Safe words will make your relationship much more secure – remember, they are there for your submissive partner, not for you. No matter how much you trust one another, there are always occasions where your partner might end up feeling overwhelmed by the situation, and that’s why a safe word will need to be used in order to bring you both back to a scenario that is much more tolerable. It gives you both a chance to breathe, so choose your safe word carefully and make sure it is something she can remember in the heat of the moment. If you’re too effective as a fake kidnapper, there’s a good chance that something might go wrong and make her panic, and that’s exactly what a safe word is for at the end of the day.

There are many different kinds of consent play, and bringing surprises into the fold of it can be an amazing way to augment your already vivid sex life. That being said, you need to always take the correct precautions during your consent play – and prior, especially – so that both you and your partner are entirely comfortable with the situation at hand. Never start a scenario without both of you having ironed out exactly what is okay and acceptable, and never start a scenario without a safe word discussed and in use. These are the kinds of things that will make your sex life that much more exciting, and really make her fantasies come to life without any hitches along the way. You will both be happier and healthier for sure.

3 Technology Limits For Kids

While technology has caused the lives of families smoother and easier, it has some obvious disadvantages. As the age group of children enthralled by technology gets younger by day, parents should keep an observant eye to their kids when dealing with gadgets and other products of technology. American parents must know when to restrict their kids from utilizing technology. If any of these 3 unhealthy instances occur, the green light must turn red.

When Technology Interferes with Productivity

Too much time bonding with technology will eventually interfere with your children’s sleeping pattern, and soon enough, their performance in school will be affected, too. Kids sleeping in class or complaining from lack of sleep is your signal to limit your children’s exposure to watching television and playing computer games. Parents should be firm that schoolwork must be done first before any gadget or appliance is turned on. This trains your kids to prioritize school first. Also, they should not miss any healthy snooze time just because they’re trying to fight off some monster boss or they’re lurking around a social network.

Digital Native Parenting

Digital Native Parenting

When Technology Dilutes Family Times

Family quality time means a family doing an activity together, and not as separate individuals. Mother and father solving a crossword puzzle together kids playing Kinect is not a family bonding. Firmly limit your children’s interaction with technology during family days, and make them appreciate and enjoy quality time with family. Telling your kid to leave his or her tablet in the room during meals is a good start. Same rule goes for family gatherings. Train your kids to be more sociable whenever your relatives come around; and not just bury his nose in an electronic device.

When Technology Introduced Inappropriate Content

These days, kids as young as eight already have their own social media accounts. Watch out for this hype as your children may get exposed to websites that are too sexual and violent for their young age. Monitor your children’s computers and openly discuss with them their option of surfing age-appropriate sites only. Screen the movies and websites they have been visiting, and if possible block or delete the ones unsuitable to their age. Changes in their language and/or behaviors, i.e. foul words or unnecessary violence with other children, reveal a probability that they might have seeing or hearing inappropriate content. Talk to your children and tell them their doings are not acceptable at all.

Bridging the digital-divide, empowering rural kids through information technology

Bridging the digital-divide, empowering rural kids through information technology

Let your kids get a healthy dose of interaction with technology. As parents, it is your responsibility to screen this interaction and put a limit when needed to. Children, like adults, enjoy technology because of all the fun and entertaining perks it has to offer. However, like everything, there has to be a cut-off in kids from using technology.


5 Ways To Know You Are Still Not Over Your Ex

After breaking up with someone you tend to spoil yourself with the things you love the most. You pamper yourself to a good salon, you get a massage, you get a haircut, and you want to look fresh and young. After doing these things, you’re telling yourself that you want to see your ex for him to realize what he took for granted and you are so much better than the last time he saw you. You want him to regret that he left you and you are better off without him. That’s a sign that you are still not over him. Here other red lights that tell you are still not over your ex:

Social Networking Stalking

You investigate his tagged pictures, the events he went to, the statuses posted on his wall (if it’s pertaining to you), you are checking if someone posted on his wall and you start to stalk that person. Eventually, you start to compare yourself physically (like you have nicer hair, skinnier, fairer skin) and you start to stalk that person every day.

Signs You're Not Over Your Ex

Signs You’re Not Over Your Ex

You Still Cry

When you remember those times when you were together in your favourite restaurant, watching your favourite movie, hearing your theme song, remembering his surprises for you and you are still crying reminiscing the past, then it is clear that you are still not over him.

He’s Still Your Kryptonite

It still affects you when someone mentioned his name (even sounds that are alike). You are telling yourself that he’s a jerk, he fooled you and he made you cry but at the end of these dilemmas, you end up telling yourself that he made you feel special and he loved you throughout your relationship. You sigh and try to get through the day with that thought.

How Do I Finally Let Go Of My Ex For Good?

How Do I Finally Let Go Of My Ex For Good?

You Cannot Throw Mementos Away

All the gifts he gave to you, the t-shirt who smelled just like him, the teddy bear that you want him to buy for you, the flowers he gave during Valentine’s day (even those dead petals), you just can’t throw them away because those things are precious and for you, they represents your love for each other.

Not-so-Convincing “I am Over Him”

You keep telling yourself that you are over him, that you have already moved on and you are dating someone else better than him. However, the fact that you are still insisting that you are over him means that he still crosses your mind and you never really moved on.

Moving on is only a matter of time. Yes, at first it is really hard and you have to cry yourself to sleep but that’s okay, you just have to feel the pain until it hurts no more. You will go through stages of denial until you reach the level of acceptance and that’s the time that you can finally say, you’re over him.


Crossfit Workout! – What’s In And What’s Out!

CrossFit is a conditioning program that is being used by Professionals, such as police academies, military, tactical operations teams and other professional athletes. It was been designed for stability for a dedicated individual that comes from different kinds of professional field.

This was been described as effective, fast, and fun. Because of the high intensity strength and a workout that would condition your body. This can be done by every individual that can survive this kind of extreme workout.

The Roadmap to Becoming a CrossFitter

The Roadmap to Becoming a CrossFitter

There a lot of benefits when it comes to doing this workout. It is high-intensity, power- based exercise that is effective for burning a high number of calories in a short period of time. With the program that it has, this would be an excellent experience for the exercise enthusiast to add much intensity and diversity. And recommended to have a personal trainer to help develop mobility.

Doing CrossFit training always focuses on

  • Accuracy

  • Stamina

  • Strength

  • Power

  • Speed

  • Agility

  • Balance

  • Cardiovascular endurance

It consist of functional and multi-joint movements such as pulling, pushing, squatting, throwing, lifting and jumping, which are performed with a high intensity workout. Since it is high in intensity and it involves muscle action, there will be risk of injuries as well.

CrossFit Workout

CrossFit Workout

There are things that needed to be developed such as

  • Joint mobility (specifically shoulders, ankles, and hips)

  • Joint stability (on core region)

  • Effective Performance ( hip hinge – pushing, pulling, rotating movements, and squat)

Here are 3 best exercises to prepare your body before doing the Crossfit workout

  1. Running Treadmill – 1 mile

  2. Pull-ups – 200 reps

  3. Bodyweight Squat – 300 reps

  4. Pushups – 100 reps

Some of the CrossFit workouts

  1. Hang power clean – this can be done on 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 reps

  2. Gallant – Run 1 mile with 20 pound medicine ball, then 60 Burpee pull-ups.

  3. Pull ups – Left-arm Kettlebell snatch (1.5 pood) 9 rep rounds.

Right-arm Kettlebell snatch (1.5 pood) 9 rep rounds.

  1. Weightlifting – 100 Double-unders

50 Handstand push-ups

40 Toes-to-bar

160 pound Shoulder to overhead – 30 reps

90 foot Walking lunge with 160 pound barbell

Wondering how good CrossFit workout is? The study shows that you work out for 10 pushups, 15 air squats, and 5 pull-ups, can burn and average of 260 calories in 20 mins. This is equal to running for 2.5 miles in 20 minutes.

By now you had an idea on how CrossFit works; it is up to you if you will be in or out. These are becoming popular nowadays, and it is advisable to make a research before doing it. There are equipment that needed to be used and can be expensive, just make sure you will be comfortable and will fit before doing it.

Reduce Your Energy Bills With These 5 Ways

Bills can give you a bad headache especially when they’re way over your budget or when you’re facing a financial dilemma. There are bills that come each month and one is your energy bill. Without energy, you won’t be able to live comfortably. Appliances need energy for them to function. For some, saving energy is very hard to do. If you have the same concern, then it’s time you stick to these 5 ways.

  1. Unplug devices when not in use

Most people are guilty of leaving their devices unplugged even when not in use. Standby mode won’t help reduce your energy costs. In fact, plugged devices still use energy. So don’t be too lazy to unplug devices you’re not using. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to pull it out the socket, so make it a habit to do so for all your devices.

5 Ways to Reduce your Spanish Electricity Bill

5 Ways to Reduce your Spanish Electricity Bill

  1. Get rid of incandescent bulbs! Go CFL!

Look around your home and get rid of incandescent bulbs. Everyone’s using CFLs or compact fluorescent light. It’s high time you make the switch. You’ll have the same amount of light, yet you don’t use too much energy. Moreover, CFLs last longer than incandescent bulbs.

  1. Stay away from your dryer

Yes, it may be take lesser time to dry dishes and clothes using a dryer, but this will also increase your bill. Drying clothes and dishes is easy. You don’t have to rely on your dryer all the time. Air dry dishes and clothes and you’ll definitely save a lot of energy.

Go Green: 5 Ways To Cut Your Energy Costs

Go Green: 5 Ways To Cut Your Energy Costs

  1. Look for the Energy Star logo when buying new appliances

Appliances that have this logo are guaranteed to be energy-efficient. You can easily reduce your energy costs when your home is filled with these appliances. You don’t have to change everything though. You can do it gradually. Buy a new device when the need arises. When you do, always look for the logo first.

  1. Invest in a thermostat that has a timer

Heating units are very important during the cold season. Then again, they use a lot of energy and can balloon your energy bill in no time. What you need is a thermostat that has a timer so that your heating device will turn off when no one is around. It can be programmed depending on your specific needs.

If you want your energy costs to go down, you should make a move as soon as possible. You’ll be happy to see the amount you can save when you make use of lesser energy. Conserving energy isn’t just good for your pocket. More importantly, it’s good for the environment. These 5 ways are easy to follow. You just have to take the first step and everything else should follow.

5 Steps To Be Self-Employed As A Consultant

The idea of being your own boss has been around for awhile and it is picking up speed as people realize the benefits of being self-employed. One of the top reasons for shifting is the need to be boxed in a schedule that they wanted sometimes to break. While being self-employed makes you decide on the time, it can turn up to be more time consuming especially if your client base is growing continuously. The benefit of a growing business, though, is a fattening wallet, unlike being employed, the wallet that fattens is not your own, so you decided you wanted to be a consultant so you can manage your own time and fatten your own wallet.

Decide on what niche you are knowledgeable and experienced

Identify what your strengths are, knowledge and experience wise. You cannot consult someone on something you know nothing about and are not experienced about. Some may get away with it but not for long because their weaknesses will be found out sooner or later which will cast a bad reputation. So stick to what you know and what you are experienced doing.

business plan concept

business plan concept

Get proper certifications and licenses if required

While some consultancies do not need certifications or licenses like gardeners, many do like accountants and lawyers. As much as possible, though, you have some accomplishments that will make you an authority on what you do, like well-known people you have served. If you can get recommendation from them, the better.

Study, Decide on, research, and target your target market

Hitting the wrong target will only spend so much time without good result. Study which target market is feasibly fruitful, decide on it and do a lot of research about those people. Know about their strengths and weaknesses so you know how to cut in.

Hierarchy of the Successful Independent Software Developer

Hierarchy of the Successful Independent Software Developer

Start networking and build on it

Networking is one of the best ways to let yourself be known to as many people as possible. Be friendly, be helpful, and let your consultancy business be known. One day they will need you or someone they know will.

Decide on your fees and ways to bill your clients

Decide whether you are going to bill your clients by the hour, day, week, month, or by the service rendered. Be prepared to let them know how you accept payments. Prepare several schemes to fit your client needs.


Getting yourself out of the usual employment with strict working hours can be very inviting as you see the benefits of being self-employed. It may not be a bed of roses at the start but if you get the hang of it, it can be really productive. At least you manage your own time and you grow your own wallet.